Wednesday, April 28, 2010

it's time for a new cake...

any suggestions as to what type of cake picture i should swap out in the photo above? i'm thinking a nice plain wedding cake that looks like it would melt it your mouth. maybe i should show a delicious cake and give you the recipe for it at then end of the month, once you're drooling over it and ready to lick the monitor. any suggestions? any recipes?

things at casa cake are pleasant. i was worried about a few bills but suddenly my husband got his unemployment debit card, preloaded with what seems like too much money. bill worries gone! plus he's cutting the yard next door, front one week, back the next, when he does ours, for $25 a week. you don't have to report anything under $40 a week, so he is safe there. we are actually doing $100 a week better than we were doing when his hours got cut.

we're still couponing but i went on a big declutter/spring cleaning kick and chunked all the receipts. can't stop progress. i think last week our big shopping went from $128 down to $98. not great, but better. don't quote me. i have groceries!

i had enough cash to go buy my tags. i got a replacement handicapped parking placard for the missing one that root and chicky claim they never saw. if she's caught with it and they run the number, she's in trouble. i gave her a chance to share but then all of a sudden she couldn't find it. i don't need it often but when i do, i need it. i can't go with out one. i may have started the wifezilla war but it's me with the bum knees, not her. i took it to the cowgirl's house and gave it to her to keep in the truck because we are going on a trip this week.


  1. I am going to vote for a white wedding cake photo...nothing chocolate, because I don't like chocolate anything...ugh...can't figure out how people can eat that stuff!!! :)

  2. a. marie, your wish is my command. i think the shells are white chocolate. what do you think?


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