Tuesday, April 27, 2010


i've noticed that all the mommybloggers (who shall remain nameless here) who make it begin slowly-heck, swiftly in some cases!- begin to move away from the very thing that made them what they became famous for- being a regular person who happens to chronicle all the mundane things that happen from day to day.

hey, i don't begrudge anybody anything they receive that they appreciate getting and that they are thankful to receive. as you may now, i am opening to anybody in the world sending me a car, but i'm really wanting a smartcar. maybe someday somebody at the smartcar corporation will accidentally google me and decide to send me a car to test.

then they get the free vacations.

suddenly, they begin to blog less and less. they handpick a few readers who follow them religiously and they tell them all the dirt. meanwhile, us joe scmho bloggers sitting out here get half the story.

or they do the opposite thing and drag out a point. i mean they want you to repeatedly click their pages. CLICK. i have a fever. CLICK. it's 102 degrees (with picture of thermometer) CLICK. a picture of a keleenex box CLICK.  picture of cup of tea. CLICK. i'm sick : (

5 clicks, which they get paid for. three sentences, 5 posts. dang, they just earned a penny. so now they've got millions of people clicking, the dollars rolling in, just for telling us they are sick.

i think i'll avoid that. i might put up a tip jar to ask for some ridiculous shit, like a big ceramic lucky kitty or more glitter lip gloss.

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