Wednesday, April 28, 2010

autopsy of a day

i know, look how many times i am posting! wow! i guess this shows you how much housework is getting done today.

i am still in my pajamas, haven't made the bed and need a bath.

dinner is in the oven. i took a dozen stuffed shells out of the freezer and they are in the oven, smother in alfredo sauce and covered with bubbling cheese. 

after i eat, i am going out to the garden to water everything and plant some lettuce seeds.

then it's bed, bath and sweet dreams.

i screwed up my internal clock by staying up until DAWN! i went out in the moonlight and it energized me! i planted a couple of moonflowers and morning glories in a big pot i have out front. they can curl around the moon with the dangling star i have stuck in there for decoration. i am moving the 4 o'clock seeds (which are finally showing slight signs of germination) into the pot with them, so i will have a clock in a flowerpot. morning glories in the morning, four o'clocks in the afternoon and big white moonflowers at night. i will definitely post this photo when it blooms                                      

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