Friday, April 9, 2010

my life was "the office"...

i used to work for a very good company. i was phyliss. i had a very bad boss. he was horrible. he makes michael scott look like a role model for communicating with others. he was always doing crazy stuff, like very other yearly review would say the opposite of the review before it but not on shades of grey. his comments ran from "fails to provide management with timely updates" to "too dependent upon feedback from management to make decisions on her own."

i would spend my time doing his work while he sat in his cube cruising the messages he got from his personal add ( he was serial cheating on his gay lover) or trolling the world of warcraft chatroom. yeah, real management material.

yea, like i went from never telling you anything, to telling you too much? he had no idea of the crap i FIXED before it got to be a situation.

when i went on medical leave, they hired 4 temps to do my job. four. 4. four. 4 4 people to do my job. 4.

one of them quit at 4:30 and told them she wouldn't be back again, that she had never been so insulted or disrespected on a job before.

amen, sister.

shoot ahead, after i have been let go and i know i am not coming back, i get a call from a friend in human resources. she tells me that my boss is in jail for stealing goods from the company, like 3 million. they are trying to keep from going to the authorities. they don't want it to leak it to the press. their creditors would have a conniption fit. he aroused suspicion when he purchased a home on the river in cash.

they want me to come back and help them find dirt on what he has done. from what they could gather, he dogged me while i was on medical leave and told everyone i didn't know what i was doing. he changed the processes i had in place, proccesses i might add, that were thoroughly documented and every kink fixed so it was a smooth cycle.

he had the returns process discontinued. so instead of keeping track of returns, removing it from the store's inventory and making sure it is actually returned by the trucking company, he stopped doing all that. he simply had them send the furniture once a week to his house.

yeah, real thought out.

the crap hit the fan when inventory time came and managers were finding their jobs on the line for shrinkage, items lost being things they had returned that should have been removed from their inventory.

and every issue led right back to his new process, and the truckloads of furniture he was having sent to his house. he had a big sale on saturday mornings and sold it out of his garage. he had every interior designer in town beating down his door to buy designer furniture.

hr and security escorted him out the door when it was discovered. he had to make the walk of shame. i was told the entire office clapped when he walked out. usually they make everybody go in a meeting, escort them out, then hr cleans up the office to box up their personal items and we would go out of the meeting to find them gone and their office stripped to the bare walls. but they made an example of him, message being: don't screw with us!

i refused. they didn't need me then, why should they need me now? no one ever took my complaints seriously. why should i take their issues seriously?

i found out later that they had him arrested for theft, he served 6 months and was ordered to repay $885,000. i hope he got 500 years probation too.

yesterday, out of curiousity, i looked him up on the internet. he has a new job. i found his resume. he states his reason for leaving the company as "mission work overseas." he also lists his prior experience as an operations manager at a trucking company, which was actually his lover's job.

the little devil inside me wants to call his new job and be sure i "keep management informed with timely updates" so he will get fired.

but something tells me he won't need my help. the truth will out him, every time.

"i don't work for you!"

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