Wednesday, April 28, 2010

coma of love

i'm sure everybody has heard about brett michaels. i really wasn't a fan until i accidentally watched "rock of love" once. then i was hooked.

it's sad, one day he's trumping it up on "celebrity apprentice" the next he's in a freaking coma with a brain bleed.

i have a thoery about that.

i understand donald trump made him remove the bandana. the bandana may have been a torniquet of sorts, it seems. it maybe have been just enough pressure to keep the brain bleed at bay. he removed the bandana and had a brain bleed.

i wonder if it can be spun into a workmen's comp case.

i hope he recovers. i hope he recovers before they start filming "coma of love" and the hospital floor nurses vie to be his private nurse. i can see it now- stripper dances on the iv pole. the scoring goes by the vital signs he displays as they dance.

i'm sure they had to shave his head. but i can see him now in my mind, a bandana tied under the bloody gauze. imagine, he may be bald!

just goes to show, anything can happen at anytime to anyone.

don't let anyone make you take off your bandana.

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