Monday, November 8, 2010

wizard of (dr.) oz

thank you, dr. oz!

i just got an email today that i won a $50 target card in the dr. oz giveaway last week. yeah, free christmas money! it's supposed to help me eat better breakfast, which i have started to do anyway, but i think christmas is better than breakfast any day! this gift card will exactly pay for for the doll at target itchy wants, the same doll that has a coupon for a free outfit when you buy the doll, the same doll that's on sale this week for $10 off. does it sound as if itchy is getting a new doll! a free doll at that? yeah, somebody's getting a new baby for christmas.

i didn't post the giveaway here because i only found out about it 10 minutes before it started. i will be posting some good giveaway here from other bloggers. i won a pair of beautiful crocs (that don't look like crocs) in a back-to-school giveaway. saved me $60! well, rather more like, saved me from having to wear the same shoes i wore last year. the same group of bloggers are putting together one that starts in a day or so, so i will post it here.

anybody have an ideas for boy's toys for a rowdy 6 1/2 year old? it's can't have any tiny parts, as his mission in life is taking things apart or breaking them. i might just give him a hammer, some safety goggles and a pile of bricks. oh yeah, gotta get him a hard hat, maybe a pair of work gloves! he can't afford to lose any more brain function- who can????? he's so different from my son was at that age. i bought him a gaggle of baukugan, bacongun, whatever they are called, for his birthday. they are little balls that turn into robots. they are from japan. he likes to dig and build little ditches. i am leaning toward lincoln logs.

i still haven't had a mcrib, but it's coming soon. i will give you all the juicy details. i better hurry. after all, it's only available for a limited time!

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