Thursday, November 4, 2010

i need a new tonic or a kick in the pants...

since i am having thanksgiving this year, i have been making plans. i have the master list of food items and ingredients. i am starting the list of special cleaning rituals, i.e. clean the inch of fuzz behind the bathroom door.

i also have a list of items to buy or find at the thrift store: serving dishes, dish towels, trivets, etc.

so far, i have 8 people for dinner and another possible 2 people who do not know if they are coming. bobo made mention that we need to start figuring seating out. my table seats 6, i have a bistro table that will fit 2, and the 2 kids can sit on the floor with cushions at the coffee table.  or else i can bring the patio table in and cover it with something, it seats 8. maybe i will just say to heck with it and buy a 6 foot folding table. maybe i will check around and see if i can borrow a table. with all the yard sale people i know, someone is bound to have a table.

i need to get up off my duff and start cleaning. i honestly think that the next time i get all the dishes done at once, i will tape off the cabinets and we will eat off paper plates until thanksgiving day. it's too much trouble to keep trying to catch up when bobo doesn't empty the dishwasher as fast as he should. i end up washing the dishes by hand so the kitchen won't be nasty, and i end up mad at bobo for being a lazy nut.

sometimes it's just not worth it.

all the same, he better go empty the dishwasher soon.

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