Wednesday, November 3, 2010

louisiana style

we were out today doing errands when i remembered that popeye's fried chicken was giving away samples of the new fried crawfish. we went throught he drive-through to buy some fried chicken and had to wait for 4 minutes to get our samples.

we got 2 tiny pieces.

we really didn't get enough to taste it well. what i did taste was just another bunch of greasy fried goop.

not anything i would ever spend money on.

i was glad for the tiny sample, because it was just enough to let me know it would make me very unhappy to spend $5 for an entire order of it.

i guess i will just spend my money on fried chicken. their new cajun dressing is the bomb, but not for eating.

in other words, the business cards i ordered for my friend- who had her birthday party saturday- arrived on monday.

too late for the party.

but they look gorgeous and i know she will love them. her current cards are red with black print and you can't read them. these are brownish with some westerny looking cirliques. they aren't cutesy or girly, i think they will work for her.

i have the bills for next month worked out and everything looks to be fine- except there is money for christmas OR propane, but not both. i entered dr. oz's target giftcard giveaway. hopefully i will win a $50 target giftcard. i will have to do some fast swag-bucking. i am going to  make an effort to collect free gift cards during the next year and save them for christmas, NOT spend them for groceries! i would have about $300 for christmas if i had saved my target cards and not spend them.

next year, they are going into their own little wallet and going in the bill folder marked CHRISTMAS!

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