Friday, November 5, 2010

broke but satiated

i had $100 to spend and make last until next friday.

i blew it all on groceries.

i figure if i have food at home, i will be forced to eat at home. it will be cheaper, healthier and generally just a wonderful thing to do. i won't waste gas going to get fast food- at least 15 miles each way. i won't waste calories eating crappy junk food.      

i actually have some money stuck back, not much, maybe $25 if i drag every coin from every hiding place. but i have everything i need, if i just stay home and don't go anywhere except the library and my diet group, i won't need to buy gas or spend money for anything. okay, i think i have a small fine, but that's my fault and not really a factor in determining the fiscal realized cost of using the librbary. it's free- unless you screw up and                                                                                                    

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