Tuesday, November 23, 2010

do you ever wish you had a personal chef?

i could seriously use a crew from martha stewart living to help me with thanksgiving.

i agreed to have thanksgiving so bobo's elderly aunt could come and enjoy the meal and not exert her self. today her son called and she had a stroke, so she is going to be in rehab for about a week. he is planning on taking her some food on thursday, so i really don't have to cook ANYTHING.

but my son root is coming over and bringing the kids. chicky has to work, so at least i will have a nice peaceful meal. i love my grandkids and i can't wait to cook for them.

i took a nap this afternoon and i was woozy, kind of carsick, when i woke up. i hope i am able to eat something later and get over this before thanksgiving. the thought of food sounds really repulsive to me right now. i even drank a REAL coke and it tasted like crap. that has never happened in my life.

but at least i have all the food bought, so i don't have to get out tomorrow and fight the barbarians. i did most of the shopping last week and bobo bought the last 4 things yesterday. so we are set.

i just hope this illness goes away before thursday. just in case, we are doing half of the cooking tomorrow. stuff like deviled eggs and some of the casseroles. we are also doing the ham tomorrow, and the turkey/dressing thursday. i am also making a cherry pie and an egg custard pie.

i hope i get to enjoy thanksgiving.

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