Sunday, November 7, 2010

we are in the limited times now...

...cuz mcrib is back, but only for a limited time! therefore, i have determined we are living in what historians will later call "the limited times", as those are the only timeframes in which a mcrib is available on the free market.

suddenly i want a mcrib. i had forgotten about, having only eaten them for small amounts of limited times. it slipped my mind. of course, i had tried the night hawk "a taste of texas" faux mcrib dinner i bought for $2 at the ghetto grocery store:

not even close.

so i guess i will bite the bullet and get a mcrib. they are good, as long as you leave the pickle off and add a ton of onion. 

always remember to cut it in half so you may eat it daintily, like a lady who enjoys a fine mcrib.

for a limited time only!

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