Saturday, August 23, 2014


My granddaughter Itchy has wanted to go to the movies for a while. She wanted to see "The Fault In Our Stars" when it came out but "it's PG-13 and I'm only PG-11." Now she wants to see "If I Stay" but my DIL and son keep coming up with excuses that she can't go. They don't want me to spend time with her, which is odd because when I was baby-sitting for free I was good enough.

I think my DIL is jealous that she wants to spend time with me and has to be forced by virtue of no other choice to spend time with her. If Itchy doesn't spend time with me, she'll forget about me. Her counselor asked her if she wanted to stay with her mother or her father, and her response was "I want to stay with Lee, Bobo and Jack (our dog)", which I guess made my DIL blind with rage.

I had a dream that my DIL was making sausage and biscuits with eggs to take to the guys at my son's job site. She wasn't listening to me and kept droning on and on. She wasn't lisyening to me. I wanted to smack her. Then I realized I was in-between sleeping and waking, and it wasn't my DIL talking, it was the Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond. She is on of my least favorite chefs, so that might explain part of the reason why  wanted to smack my DIL.

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