Thursday, June 5, 2014

Stupid People Should Step Away From The Internet

Something stupid happened on FB today. I wouldn't mention it because it makes me sound vengeful and petty but it is a prime example of why stupid people should not be allowed to use the internet and should be restricted to using crayons and old newspaper to force their misconceptions on the world.

I belonged to a fan page for a cult classic TV show. This show featured a lot of cooking, but they were all fake recipes. All except one.

Someone in the group posted they were looking for some of these fake recipes. I Googled the only really recipe for something served on this show during it's 7+ year run. I found a book review for a book about the show and it happened to include a PDF of  this recipe. I've actually cooked it before and it's a good recipe, just a bit time consuming. I posted the link to this book, and thereby the recipe.

I came back 3 hours later and saw my link had been removed and there were 16 posts about how I was committing copyright fraud. Mind you, this is a book review that has been on the Internet for years! A few people tried to take my side but it didn't do any good. The admin felt I was cheating this actor out of book royalties. She even removed the Amazon link someone else posted for the book which didn't even have the recipe but offered the book at a substantial discount- like over 20%!

She put up a link to this book directly to the publisher for full cover price. Does anyone actually ever pay the cover price any more since Amazon permeated the online ordering market? She claimed she called the publisher and this was the only link the publisher approved of posting. I call bullshit!

She is a fucking idiot.

I wrote my little rant and she kind of apologized, but not really. Later I saw she had removed all traces of the exchanges. The original shit stirrer posted separately, explaining she demanded the link be removed out of respect for the actor. Fuck both of them!

People, if you want information, Google is your friend.

Here is the link: Emergency! TV Series: Marco's Chili Recipe

Now do you see why I feel so silly? I just hate being told I am wrong when I am in the right.

Needless to say, I took myself out of the group.

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