Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sidelines Part 2

Niece 2 refused to be brought back home. So the round trip of 22 hours on the road was for nothing. The traveling oxy caravan only spent 8 hours with here.

I did some FB stalking and the trip was the result of Niece 2 sending texts pleading with the family to help her, that she was being abused and had bruises and black eyes, not to mention in fear for her life and the safety of her unborn child. She wanted money to find her own place. Not surprisingly, I found pictures taken while they were down there and she is perfectly fine.She very pregnant and wearing a tank top and shorts-  a very skimpy outfit which bares a lot of skin- and there are no bruises, no black eyes, just her smoking with a bunch of tats. Smoking- and she has asthma, as does her son.

My sister and Niece 1 refused to listen to her pleas for money and took off in a tear to Texas to rescue her. Only to find out she was lying. My sister's status was "Thank God my baby is safe!"  I would have mentioned the fact she emotionally manipulated them while trying to gain financially.

In what world is it okay to treat family like this AND condone it? Not mine!

I am better off by myself than being part of their dysfunction. I just hate it cost me $1K and all faith in Niece 2 to find this out. I guess it was a cheap lesson.

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