Saturday, February 1, 2014 I need a hole in my head...

Okay, things are okay. I can pay my house note, bills, groceries, gas and car insurance and usually have enough left for a cheap dinner out (usually via Groupon).

A friend sent me a late Christmas gift. Keep in mind I sent him a pointed crystal pendant and a ball chain to wear it on. He had mentioned he wanted one and I found a nice small double terminated quartz set in silver and a stainless steel call chain. He didn't want a big one because he wants to wear it at work and he wanted a small one so it would be discreet. He loved it. He said my gift was coming. I told him just catch me next year. But I got a huge heavy box from him in the mail the other day.

A brand new Bose radio with an iPhone dock. According to the Bose website, about $600 worth of radio. I'm being ungrateful but it has too much bass. I always cranked my treble up all the way. You can't adjust a Bose.

I get him a $5 necklace and he gets me a $600 radio.

It makes me feel like shit. He got the necklace before he got the radio though, so it's not like it is a surprise. I know he got a great job this year and he;s making a lot more money. I think he may have gotten the radio as a sales prize or something. If I keep telling myself that, I might feel better.

But do I really need a $600 radio?

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