Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pop! Crackle! Excitement!

My husband's parents died several years ago. He had an aunt who took him under her wing and treated him like a son.

She died today. She was 93.

My husband wants to send flowers for her service, but we really can't afford it. We didn't send flowers for my own mother's funeral, for goodness sake. I think we are getting a plant at Home Depot and adding a nice bow and card. If he insists on flowers, well, I do have my emergency credit card.

I had foot surgery Saturday. It went great. I got to go home Sunday. I have been laying around since then.

I will miss the Friday bible study in my neighborhood...again! They are only 10 houses away, but I can't sit up for long amounts of time, it causes so much pressure in my foot. I'm chilling on the pain pills. I might break out the bottle of wine I bought for Thanksgiving and never opened. It should be thoroughly chilled by now.

I had a crack head nurse at the hospital. I had the choice of IV drugs-which basically made me sleep so I wasn't in pain- or pain pills, which somehow keep me awake and give me energy but leave me in pain. I wanted the IV meds so I could sleep and she kept saying "But the pills are so much better!" Then she pulled a Nurse Jackie on me and cheated me out of my last shot before releasing me. I hope she enjoyed it!

It's New Years and I am watching 7th Heaven reruns on TV.

I live the good life!

I got my feelings hurt. On Facebook. By my pastor of all people. I posted asking prayers for my husband's loss of his aunt. The pastor always leaves little comments on every post. On every post except mine. I get the feeling he doesn't like me and Bobo as well as some of the monied members of the church. Oh well. God's gonna get him for it. Bobo is so enamored of this church we go to and that he went to at my urging. He goes every Saturday night. Now I want to drop out and be a pagan.

I'm not on fire for Jesus.

I did look at the Pagan churches website. It hasn't been updated in 2 years.

Looks like I might be going back to lighting candles under the Full Moon and burning pieces of paper with my wishes on them.

But the moon would never hurt my feelings on Facebook!

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