Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Funk

Over Thanksgiving, I went to Destin, FL. with a couple of ladies I know. I drove my car, but they paid the gas, bought all my food and paid my share of the condo rate. It was still cheaper to use my car than for them to rent one.

We ate at every delicious seafood restaurant and shopped at every outlet store there. I did all my shopping for the grandkids for next to nothing.

I did something stupid. I got my leg stuck in the bathtub. I was getting out and turned my left leg sideways to give me leverage. It got stuck. I was panicked. I ended up using shampoo to lube it out, but my ankle has been swollen and now my entire leg is in extreme pain. I couldn't get in to see my doctor because the other doctor retired and the one I see is taking on ALL the patients. I had to change doctors, which I hated to do, but I can't wait until the middle of January, I have already gone almost a month unable to put pressure on my left leg. I wonder if I fractured it or something.

Right after I got back, I had all my teeth pulled for dentures. When they open up again on Jan. 6, I will get molds made and eventually get dentures made. I picked out Liv Tyler's teeth. And I am getting very white teeth, the whitest they make. I mean, everybody wants white teeth and they will get darker eventually, so I am starting out with the whitest teeth possible.

I have no interest in Christmas. I have no tree, no lights outside, no shit. I am just a grouch this year.

Chickie still has not spoken or seen me, which means I haven't seen the kids or my on.

When I do see her, I am going to tell her to get out her bible and read Psalms 37:21 and then she can tell me how holy she is.

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