Monday, November 18, 2013

the last few weeks...

I did get married. Root called my husband and said he and Scracthy would by going but Chicky and Itchy were sick so they were staying home. They ended up coming but when I asked Itchy if she was feeling better, she gave me a crazy look and said "I'm fine."
   "Isn't your mom sick?"
   "No, she wanted to go to a jewelry party but Root made her go here instead."
   Lying snake. I hate her.
   I didn't even say a word to her.
   She refuses to use her FSA to pay for my teeth, which is what she promised all year. She considers TEETH elective! But I have enough money to pay for it.
   I am so disappointed in my son. Thy will never get into their house. If they do, they won't be able to make the monthly payments. They will  need me before I ever need them. Sorry, I won't be able to help them.
   I have been watching to stab Chickie in the heart. I really wish she were dead. She's ruined my son and she's ruining her 2 kids. She's even worse that her husband, using the kids as a bartering tool. What's worse is that she knows how that hurts people. She doesn't deserve those kids.
   They know I love them. I just hope they remember me.

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