Friday, October 4, 2013

Making Your Heart Sing

Back when I was haunting the Mean Girl's Forum, there was a blog they picked to bits, discussing how irresponsible the mother was and what horrible conditions the family lived in. On a whim, I hunted this blog down via my Googling skills.

The blog is about a woman who is  taking her 4 daughters- who are not yet school age- around Australia in a Coaster- a vehicle similar to an old VW van. She does have a home and people who housesit for her. She does have people housesitting for her and she has stored the majority of her possessions in an enclosed barn on the property, so her sitters can bring in their own furnishings. She still has the luxury of moving back and using the items in her barn. It's not like she rid herself of all possessions and ran away. She methodically planned a "free time" while still leaving herself open to the possibility of going back and living a proper life in society.

The sad part is that she had a 5th child- a son- whom her husband drowned at the age of 7 months. He is in jail awaiting trial. So she is doing a good thing, removing her children from the negative attention they receive from being in the house where they all lived together in happier times. She is making new memories for her girls. They go where they want, sleep in the van and visit with friends. When they are with friends, they can sleep inside, have regular access to free laundry and shower facilities. It is the ideal life.

The Mean Girls thought her a horrible mother who needed CPS put on her trail. I totally disagree. This mom is dealing with heartbreak and doing it the best way she knows how- by making her family happy. I wish I had the luxury to travel and see interesting sites. The Mean Girls are just jealous because this woman is living HER life outside the box. Her children are happy, clean and well-fed. She does what will make them happy. She's not tied to a job or a husband she hates, and she's with her children all the time. I remember once they spent several days berating the mom for spending an entire day with her girls in a museum. There's nothing wrong with that. I would do it in a heartbeat.

The bottom line is the Mean Girls have 5 threads, each with 99 pages, which each contain 20 negative nasty comments. Almost 10,000 posts about what this mother is doing wrong.

I have only one thing to say- I am glad she is making her girls happy and making their heart's sing. They need it after all the tragedy they have in their life.

More power to her!


  1. Some people just can't accept others the way they are. Spending a day in a museum with your kids sounds like an awesome way to teach them about art/science or whatever!

  2. I agree! I would love to do something like this, although under happier circumstances!


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