Saturday, October 5, 2013

Is It Worth Getting Wedding Cake?


My church is doing a really unusual thing. The pastor is doing a series of 5 sermons- well, actually 4 sermons- about marriage, for both married couples and singles. The 5th week, the sermon is going to be a HUGE wedding for couples to renew their vows or for any unmarried couples to have a wedding if they have their licenses. It's going to be huge- our church has several florists, bakers and caterers among its rank who have volunteered their time and donated their services.

My marriage has not been a thing of joy. In fact, I have spent more time unhappy than happy. I am hesitant to participate in the wedding service. So what does my husband do the second we get home from church? He texts my son and tells him we are getting remarried, would he please come and bring his wife?

My son texted him back: R U kidding? R U marrying mom or somebody else?

My husband's reply when I asked him why he mentioned it to our son? "Well, he wasn't at the first one!"

Ummm, yes he was, dumbass! He was just a very tiny fetus in my womb. He was the reason we married in the first place, remember?

My husband is going to be a freaking bridezilla, I just know it! He's already talking about the clothes he is going to need.

I really don't want to do it. To be honest, it feels like making the same mistake twice. I prefer to learn from my mistakes rather than repeat them.

I would rather have a divorce than a vow renewal.

But I do love wedding cake.

Quite the quandary!

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