Saturday, May 12, 2012

where did i go?

i hate the new blogger. just said it to get it off my chest.

the bank is dragging it's feet with me. i may end up in a dateline segment telling my story. i hope chris hansen and the "to catch a predator" crew don't pop in.

i have been approved for my loan, pending my collection of documents. all i need is the w-2 from last year and i am golden. i had no taxable income due to theft.

i have it down to 2 houses.

one is a newer cookie cut plop of earth dwelling, just like the rest of the ones on the block.

the other is the magic funky house at the lake, with all the room and the sun porch. the one with the magical master bedroom with the window seat and bookshelves. the one recently reduced another $10k! note is only $616, i can pay it off early and sit pretty with my social security.

my other patriotic project is coming along swimmingly and i have it down to almost nothing. i am getting a check with the statue of liberty, although it may be tinier than i expected. anything is  good! just as long as i don"t have to pay.

my bitch ass bi-polar sister had decided it would not be to her benefit to have  a relationship with me.  good riddance to bad rubbish.

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