Saturday, May 12, 2012

i haven't been my blog. it warms the cockles of my heart to think that 7 people in the entire world care what i think! thanks you, you 7 people bring me much joy. if you remember, i had a contest going like a freaking year ago to get 100 follows and i would giveaway an ipod. but i only ever ended with 7 followers. cuz nobody likes me. just 7 wonderful people. the giveaway is still active! bring your friends!

frankly, if you read me, you should follow me, if only so i get the little burst of pride when i see many followers. i'll give you some eye candy and maybe i will add an amazon link for one of my favorite things, much like oprah does. or a brandy snifter "donate" icon.

i am still working on the project with the picture of ms. liberty on it. we are in the stage of they want some pieces of paper and they will send me check. so i am searching for several tiny slips of paper which are vital .i am taking the time to declutter and pack up some stuff around  the house, so when we move, i won't have to do much.

yes, we are moving. i managed to get my credit score to the point i could get a house. so i am looking for a house that  has pergo or wood flooring, with some type of outside room or sunporch. $118k

i have found one plain jane cookie cutter house that is all pergo and tile, with a covered patio.

then i found a funky old house that has a screened-in porch around 2 sides of the house. it has lake access and a small dock. the house has old wood floors, a lipstick red kitchen counter top that should be burned, and the bedroom of my childhood, complete with a window seat with bookshelves. there is a single room like a loft. there is another bedroom a living room, dining room and den on the main level, then the funky garrett room.

under this house is a space the exact size of the house. half is outfitted as a woodshop. the other half is a (illegal) apartment. there are 3 sheds, a carport, and 2 dog runs. $89K

i am leaning toward the cheap house. i hope the insurance doesn't eat us up.

the bank called me out  the blue monday and schedued a call for 3 p.m. monday. they are either going to offer me money or tell me to leave them the fuck alone.

i hope it's money, then i can forget about the damned scraps of paper.

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