Friday, May 18, 2012

it feels like i'm in junior high

i have been an ass-kicking, friend-losing bitch lately. root and chickie are still mad at me. the grandkids won't be here until next week-end, maybe everything will be resolved by then. with psycho-bitch-in-law, you getwhat you get. you never know. i haven't talked or texted either of them all week, save an 1 1/2 hour screamfest with chickie on monday. root is texting joe. i think she checks the phone bill to sure he doesn't call me. i am actually at peace with it. i didn't do too much crying. i have not been too sad. i feel strangely serene. i know it's not my son, it's his nutso wife. my sister is still in a manic phase. my loan is coming along. no one is looking at my fav house. i think i can get it cheap. i should be there in a month! SQUEE! i found the paint you put on the countertops to make them look like marble and granite. i am getting the blue and i am going to duplicate the kitchen we had 2 houses ago. it was the bomb. it shall be the bomb again, my dear. i promise to give you pics and let you know if it works. i can't wait to get it in shape. i am keeping the sunporch like it is, but using astro-turf for a rug and painting the ceilings blue. i also need to paint the ceiling fan blades. they are leaf shaped and i am thinking a green-ish brown, the color of a real palm tree leaf. i am thinking about getting cream colored twin sheets for curtains. wicker and garden furniture. a futon on one end for guests. and it has a cool cabinet on the wall. i can hide my spice hoard. can you tell that in my mind, i am living in that house right now? i will be so let down if i don't get it. but i will get it. i have to get it. it's perfect.

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