Wednesday, April 4, 2012

i'm an orphan again

a few years back, 8 years to be exact, my mother began to shun me. my calls went unanswered and if i came over, no one answered the door. i could hear them behind the door, scuttling like rats. i could see the vehicle my mother and sister shared, so i knew they were both most assuredly home.

i think i am about to shun my sister.

i was supposed to take care of my mom, so i spent 2 days getting ready for her visit. usual crap, washing sheets and blankets, making sure i shop for food so the cupboard isn't bare.

then i waited all day friday and no one called. i got my son to call my asshole brother-in-law. my son asked why no one called. they claimed phone troubles. no apology given. but they were at my niece's house. they left my mother there, where she will be pressed into baby-sitting 6 kids, when she's not supposed to be watching even herself.

but the real reason i was worried was because my sister got a demerol prescription to tide her over until her nerve block today. so i was more afraid off her overdosing than thinking something may be wrong with my mom.

i don't need that kind of cap.

she told me she is going to start thinking only about herself. what the hell else has she been thinking about all these years? she is the most selfish person i have ever met. she only takes care of mom to keep the check.

so i am shunning her, like mom did me.

i will be thinking of myself first from now on. i get the best of everything. i get the biggest piece of cake, the one with a big fat rose on it.

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