Monday, March 26, 2012

desires of the heart

i found a nice house. it is very cheap and is about 70 years old. it is in two levels, with the full house on top and a walk-out basement as big as the house with a wood-working shop full of cabinets. the master bedroom has a bay window seat with bookcases built in, all along the entire call. it has water access. it has two storage buildings. there is a fenced area where my dog can run.

but the best of all is a screened-in room that runs around two sides of the house. finally, a place to use all my wicker pieces in one place. i am going to make some astro-turf rugs to delineate the different areas. it needs painting bad! but maybe we can have them paint it before we move-in.

it felt like a home. everything i need is on one level. most of the floors are wood or laminate.

it's super cheap.

the note is half of what mine is currently.

i can see myself in it.

i can pay it off quickly. i will have lots more cash every month. everything will be good all the way around.

i got some nasty letters from a place we all hold near and dear to our hearts. i will make a call to them on friday morning, i don't want to ruin my week.

i had friends over last week for a memorial service that included a late night ash-scattering at a train depot by a dark moon.  i will write about it later, once i can process it. we also divided her possessions. i got some tarot cards and books. i had more, but it smelled musty. i threw it away. bobo is sick and i didn't want him sicker. i have enough to remember her by. i don't need possessions to remind me of her.

i hope one day that stabby feeling in my heart i get when i think of her will go away.

did i mention that our garbage service is shut off? our address does not exist in their system. they scan the cart and it doesn't exist. if they can't scan the can, they don't pick it up. i have to go to some office and i will be gone soon, so why bother?.i have a few ladies who have offered to let me bring over garbage when i see them. short term solution.

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