Sunday, March 25, 2012

starting over...all over again!

i have been a slacker.

i just i am a slacker.

i am off the diet track too.

we had a ceremony for my friend and scattered her ashes. she is done.

i have to get on with life. i can live even if she is dead.

i don't have to be fat. i can lose the weight.

i am trying to cut out my painkillers and eventually cut them out all together. did i tell you she died of an overdose?

i am looking for a house. not as much fun as i thought!

i am packing too. i have too much stuff. i'm having to just throw more stuff in the sell pile. i am packing only the things i love. i am having a big garage sale in my own driveway. i hope i make some money. even a little would help.

i'm just in a blue funk!

and i don't have any dish-washing liquid for the dishwasher.

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