Friday, March 9, 2012

second chances

i'm ready to start blogging again on a more regular basis. i am going to be getting a house in tinytown, where i find myself driving to all the time.

my housenote goes down $350 or so LESS than i am paying now.

i will be saving a million dollars in gas, at least 1 fill-up or more.

i will be closer to the ymca, so i can go more often and get some of my lard butt melted.

i have the fun to go to house-hunting.

i have one month until i can get my mortgage. then i can look for a house. i have looked at some on-line and there seem to be a lot of little houses suited for us with laminate in all the room, or maybe a few have tile in the kitchens,bathrooms and laundry rooms. i am looking for something with everything on one level, no steps to manuever and hopefully a nice sunroom or covered patio or something like that. i crave an outdoor living area. i can't wait to get all my geegaws and lawn furniture together. instead of a rug, i am going to get a couple of pieces of astro-turf made into rugs and paint the inside of the ceiling sky blue and have white ceiling fans with clouds painted on them.

i can't wait.

i can't wait to leave the sticks.

i have to drive 15 miles to get a freaking popsicle where i am out now. i'll have to avoid doing that, that could get expensive quick. i vow to avoid starbucks at all costs.

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