Thursday, October 23, 2014

What I Did Was Stupid

I did a stupid thing when I stopped blogging for a month over an idiotic comment someone left for me.

They have no idea what has been done to me because I don't post everything here. All I can say is if someone knew the whole story, they would feel ashamed for leaving that comment.

So now no one reads my blog. Well done, asshole!

I want to blog more. I know that some of my favorite bloggers stopped posting and I always wonder why they stopped and I wonder what they are doing now.

Well, I'm back to writing again and hope something I say will be important to someone. If not, at least it is important to me!

In other news, Bobo found a job but then before he could begin, the company decided on a hiring freeze. Then we got notice that his disability hearing is finally coming up, so we are going that route. There is no guarantee the job will ever actually materialize. The extra money for disability will come in handy.  I am hoping he gets approved.

I have been working on my flower beds, getting them ready for the fall. I don't want kids to trip over the mess while they are coming to my house for trick-or-treat. My seathorn buckberry tree has disappeared in all the overgrown weeds, but I have a few more seeds to start next spring.

I also got a surprise with some seeds I did plant. I got them through a seed swap I found on the Internet. I always send a dozen watermelon seeds in exchange for whatever they are offering. What I got was something that is illegal. It was growing like a weed, and I hated to pull the plants and shove them down the garbage disposal.  But that's better than going to jail! I just wish everything I planted would come up and grow as easily as this grew! I hope the people who sent the seeds enjoy their watermelons!

I have a huge bag of seed packets and I hope to be able to use a bunch of them next year. My yard will be very colorful if I do. I also want to grow some grapevines. I love grapevines. You can play with the vines but they have a mind of their own.

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