Monday, October 13, 2014

Is it Monday?

I slept all day, actually since Friday at 7:00. I had some funky sinus thing, I kept sneezing and coughing and I had a headache.

Similarly, I cancelled my  doctor's appointment tomorrow.

Why? My car tags expired at the end of September. I was stupidly looking at the inspection sticker which is due October 23, not looking at the tag which is expired. My doctor is in a low crime area, just a long way from my house. I didn't want to risk getting a ticket that would cost what my tags would cost, so I will go later.

I have money coming from ebay but they hold the money forever when you sell something. I will just get my tags when I get my check. I haven't driven a lot, just to the post office and grocery store. I guess my butt will have to stay home for another week.

My co-pay is only $5.00, but the ticket would be almost $200. So I will stay home and fester.

I need more money. I will run out of ebay fodder soon.

I need Lottery-sized Jackpot money.

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