Monday, January 13, 2014

Bunk, Funk or Junk

Remind me to check back later and see how true this forecast is:

Aries Money Astrology

Aries economic life could be estimated with the observation of the planet, Uranus and Venus respectively. Therefore, position of Uranus during birth as well as on rotation influences income and position of Venus signifies savings of the Arians. Thus, Uranus and Venus while moving on the way to exaltation affords the best income as well as savings opportunity and on debilitation do just the reverse for the Arians.

Aries Money Forecast 2014

Income and savings, both may mar during this year; however the second half of the year will fetch better income and savings as well. The months of June and July will be highly auspicious for remarkable savings. Expenditure will reduce a lot since, the month of August.

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