Tuesday, May 28, 2013

spring flinging...

I have been busy doing those spring things...like planting tomatoes, peppers, squash and strawberries. Actually Root and Chickie came over to do it for me and I cooked steakburgers and made pasta salad. Chickie loved the pasta salad so I sent the rest home with her.

I also planted some white vinca and assorted colors of Indian paintbrush, alternating in color around the front flower bed. In the back, I have 6 tomato plants- including some pink and some pink-and-yellow striped tomatoes, a sweet cherry pepper- kinda like a mini-bell, and some heirloom peppers in a million different colors. I plan to harvest those seeds and re-sell them on ebay. I did that one year and made a small fortune doing it. I have 1 crookneck summer squash and a big strawberry plant that is going in the shady corner of the yard where I am planting wisteria in front of an old rusty iron trellis. I have grapevines to go in pots and set in front of the little trellis things in the front- the flowerbed is too shallow to hold the entire rootballs.

I plan on having an Astro-turf carpet that I am getting from a couple at church and also painting the ceiling blue.

I have a doctor's appointment in the morning. I'm glad they called because I was gearing up for an 8:45 appointment time and its not until 10:00. More sleep, the thrift stores by there will be opened by then and I can get a big lunch at the sushi bar. Maybe some Mongolian Barbeque- beef and shrimp with onions and jalapenos. Yeah, tomorrow will be fun!

I am also getting a real haircut. I wondered why my hair looked so crappy. It hasn't been cut since August. I guess I will go get a haircut tomorrow.

I think I need a list!

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