Thursday, August 2, 2012

a tale of many NOs

no baby: )

no menopause : (

no house closing date yet : (  but the real estate agent is thinking aug. 10 is the magic day.

that means no house note due until Oct. 1 : ) i can buy holiday gifts with the extra money, maybe a computer that doesn't freeze up every 5 minutes!

i caught the landlord yesterday skeezing around my bedroom window yesterday morning. i had been awake for  few hours packing, but i had gone back to the bed for minute to rest. i had my computer on one side, catching up on a certain train-wreck blog. the other side of the bed, i had a box of junk i was sorting into craft stuff, beauty items and trash. i can multi-task from my bed. my dog was barking but i always give him a minute before i pay attention to his barks. it might be a cat, it might be a masked gunman. but there was a shadow outside my bedroom window. it moved toward the other side of the house.

i put my jeans on and went to the front door. he was taking a picture and he quickly folded his phone up and stuck it in his pocket when i opened the door. he asked when we were leaving. i told him again, aug. 15. he said he had people moving in aug. 15. i told him he needed to rethink that, because i don't plan on being out the butt crack of dawn and i will not mix up moving out with someone else moving in at the same time.  he asked if we would consider staying. UMMM, NO! besides, i thought you had it rented. but i just shook my head. he asked if i would be cutting the grass. i told him him it would look just like it did when we moved in, which was grass up to your knees. but as i mentioned before, he is not that bright, so he just agreed with me.

he finally left. i didn't mention the photos. how did he rent it without showing it? he's an idiot. i plan on sending him a bill for using my patio furniture in the photo. he also asked me if i was leaving any outdoor furniture. NO! 


i can't wait to leave!

bobo went to the doctor and got some blood-pressure medicine. he also picked up some type of virus in the waiting room too. he has been sick as all get-out since tuesday evening. he's been sweating, had a fever and body aches. needless to say, i have been doing a lot of packing since he's been out of the way.

i have a lot left to do, mainly the kitchen. but 6 people at the church have volunteered to help and i have 3 trailers to fill! i can move in 1 trip! it was made clear to me it was being done out of love, not for money. but i don't think anybody will argue with a barbeque dinner if i run over the bbq joint and get a shoulder special!

i can"t wait to leave!

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