Thursday, August 23, 2012

new kid in town!

i got moved! these are pictures of my house that the realtor took, so it's not my stuff. my house, but stuff they used to stage it! it's a small house, but big enough for me and bobo. the backyard is now fenced for my dog.

then i got the flu!

when i moved, i gave away a ton of stuff. after it was all cleaned out, i realized i was missing a few precious things: my father's rolling pen- the only thing i had that had belonged to him, the picture of my great-grandmother taken in 1901 when she was 6 years old, and two cast-iron skillets. i guess someone slipped them out when i wasn't paying attention. i know, it's a bizarre mix of things, but those are the only things i am missing. oh, i am also missing the black sweater i was wearing while we moved. i keep thinking i'll find that as soon as i get all the clothes unpacked.

i too all my clothes off the hangers and moved them in black garbage bags, which are now strewn all over my closet floor, and bobo forgot to grab the hamper with the hangers! i am trying to sort through them and stick stuff into drawers, but i am going to have to go to target and buy about 50 million hangers. he even stopped by there to get the hangers but the landlord had changed the locks already. there were no signs it had been rented. i knew he was a liar!

my new neighborhood is nice. i am toward the back where there aren't any kids. i met the lady across the street and she is very nice. my husband met her boyfriend who lives with her. the boyfriend said they would be moving soon. then he proceeded to say that they would be moving after they got married in 2 years and had a couple of kids. sounds like they won't be moving any time soon!

my son and daughter-in-law are going to see a fertility doctor in october. she is going to have her tubal ligation reversed. i asked her to be sure my son gets a sperm count done before she takes extreme measures, since root was 7 weeks early and preemies are often sterile. i know they want a child but i'm hoping he doesn't get in over his head. she already has two kids- itchy and scratchy- and a third one might be what puts her over the edge. i mean, i know my son wants a child of his own flesh and bone, but she has already said she is only willing to have a child so he will  have one of his own. it's hard to think she will have a child that she has already said she doesn't really want.if they do have a kid and split up, i am sure she will leave the baby with my son. and after i analyzed my situation last month, there is no way i can raise another. he will have to move in with us and bobo and i will do everything we can to help him. i am going to stop thinking about it. i will get upset.

i am near the ymca, so i can start going swimming and taking water aerobics classes. i just haven't gotten off my butt to go get the schedule. i did buy a lock for my locker, so that is a step in the right direction.


  1. It's darling! Congratulations!

  2. thank you, i love it! i feel like i am on vacation at some cabin or something! i feel so lucky! and my dog loves having his own backyard to run around in!


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