Saturday, August 25, 2012

just another entry

i really don't have anything to write about but i am trying to get in the habit of posting on a more regular bais. so here i am.

the tv i put in the living room died. we had discussed buying new tv sets when we moved in and decided to wait until the old tv sets croaked and replace them. so my old tv with the big butt died. i found one on sale at target but they were sold out so i got a raincheck. if i buy it when i get my check and use my target debit card to buy it, i will get an extra 5% off. target has a great warranty, so i will get that too. if it breaks, i just take it back to target, i don't have to fool with sending it off somewhere and waiting forever to get a replacement. target is less than 5 miles from my house now, so it won't be an issue.

i am having to move the tiny tv from my room to the living room every morning and evening. it looks funny to have such a tiny tv in a big room. i wonder what the neighbors think about me having such a small tv, because we have yet to put the mini-blinds up in the living room. there is a group of women who walk the neighborhood for exercise and i know they can see inside the house. they probably think we are very poor, having a new house and tiny tv.

i will have a new tv in a few weeks and all will be good. i realized i don't really watch tv, because i am usually on the computer and the tv is on just for the sound.

that's all i have to say. nothing else is going on.

but i realized a goal. i posted. sorry to bore you. i promise to try to lead a more exciting life in the next few days.

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