Monday, July 2, 2012

happy, happy, joy, joy

my offer was accepted! i get my house!

the only bad side is that i have 18 days to pack up the house. chicky wants to have a yard sale this week-end. i will need my son to bring his truck over and take a load of bulky stuff to his house. i am unsure if i will sell my antique wardrobe. i bought it in 1985 for $35 and it's followed me to every house i lived in. if i sell it, i need to get $350, which is a great return on my money. i will miss my wardrobe. but i could get a new sofa for the price. i hope nobody buys it. i may just leave it here and take a picture of it to post at my yardsale. if they are interested, they can roll to my house and look at it in person.

i dread packing up my kitchen, i have too many dishes. i need to get the dishes all clean and leave out the plastic bowls and plates, then just pack everything else i want to take. i have way too much stuff.

i think i have too much stuff for several reasons:
* i grew up poor. more is better, right? unless you are packing it and moving it.
* i always tried to have 2 of everything, because i had too many horror stories at my house about women being left by their man and having nothing. with 2 of everything, if bobo wanted to leave, we would have enough for both of us and neither of us would suffer or scramble  to get a household together. i try to get rid of dishes now and bobo says, "hey, that's the bowl i eat cereal/rice/potatoes/assorted mundane food stuffs in! don't get rid of it!" so i am back to having too many dishes.
* i have these fantasies in my mind of having wonderful  dinner parties, but i never have them. if i ever do actually have a party, i will need them. i refuse to make delicious food and eat it off a freaking paper plates.cook-outs are okay, but not actual cooked recipes. my concoctions should be eaten off of china.

i need to get off of here and  start packing.

wish me luck and let me know if you need some assorted crap!


  1. I always thought we were poor while I was growing up, but I found out that really wasn't true. My parents lived through the Depression, and saved and reused EVERYTHING. So when I got a divorce and moved out, I did indeed have two of everything. I had enough dishes, kitchenwares, silverware and house stuff to create a new apartment.. the only things I needed were a couch and a bed (too big to move). Now I'm only keeping things that I NEED, because of space issues.. and it's been a real revelation of what is necessary and what's not. I could literally pack my entire apartment in 1 day, if I had enough boxes and didn't have to work....

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