Wednesday, July 11, 2012

snack time

my offer got accepted but there is a little snafu. i told her almost a month ago that i had mailed the tax returns the same day i went to see her. yesterday, i had to bring more paperwork and some cash. one of the forms was the request for the irs to send her copies of the returns. since it takes 4-10 weeks for returns to be processed, it hit about 30 minutes later that if she requested transcripts, it will show i did not file. i told her i would personally bring the returns to the irs station 60 miles away and get them to put them in the computer right away.

i went today and did that. i asked if they could write me a letter that they had been turned in. NO. could they fax copies of the returns to her, showing they had copies in hand? NO, they would only fax it to me. all that could be done was accepting the returns i have already mailed to them and turn them in again and they would stamp that it had been received.

i called her and she said it should be good enough, she would call me  if it wasn't. i took my stamped copies and left. she hasn't called me, so no news is good news.

the person i dealt with did not impress me. he was probably 450-500 lbs. he helped me navigate the doors in my walker, which was nice. i explained my situation to him- i have spent my rent money to get this house and now i may be homeless. the house i am in is in major disrepair and one of the toilets don't flush because they didn't install the septic system right. there are cracks around all the doors were the doors weren't installed right. he asked me what i wanted him to do. i asked him what he suggested be done. he tipped a bag of chex mix to his mouth and chomped down on what must have been about half a bag. he had a choking fit and actually sprayed me with soggy bits of chex mix FROM HIS MOUTH. I wiped my face as i watched him open a big bag of m&m's and shovel a handful in his mouth. i kind of steeled myself, because if he coughed up m&m's in my face, they could hurt. he took my returns, looked them over and said they looked right and he would make copies to stamp for me. i called the bank while he was gone and the bank chick said it would probably work. when he brought my copies back, he had a small bag of fritos he started on while he stapled and stamped my paperwork. he ate about 700 calories in the 10 minutes i was there. i am fat, but i am trying to lose more weight and there is no way i could sit at a desk and eat like that all day. i would end up puking. i ain't the pot calling the kettle black, but seriously, he needs to cut down the snacking. i don't think they are even allowed to eat at their desk.


  1. You're right, they probably aren't allowed to eat at their desks. But there's no wonder he was 450-500 pounds.. I would be too, if I ate junk food all day!

  2. he kept the bags in the top drawer of his desk when he wasn't noshing, which as everybody knows is where you hide the goodies you aren't supposed to have at your desk. but it all worked out, at least he stamped them and submitted them in stead of telling me NO!


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