Friday, June 1, 2012

wasted days and wasted nights...

ok, i know loretta lynn didn't sing that song, i don't know. but i liked this picture of sissy spacek who wanted to use it. this is totally off the subject, but did i ever mention i had a relative who was actually named loretta lynn? yep! anyway, the funky house is under contract. i talked to the listing agent. she said it doesn't pass fha inspection, so i know i can't get it anyway.i found a larger home that would meet my needs. it has a tiny sunroom on the back, but how big of a sunroom do i need? i need to be doing the taxes right now, but i do hereby commit to doing the taxes for at least hours a day. i want you to call me on it. i am going to have to cut out some of the internet fun and grab my pencil and calculator. have you ever tried to remember every item in home? try it. i am constantly going back and adding things i happen to remember. at least now they don't make you remember where you bought it. so- at least 4 hours a day until they are done. keep me motivated.

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