Thursday, June 28, 2012

the one where i whine about a house

i got my mortgage pre-approval. i went with the realtor to write a contract for a house i found on-line that fits my needs and my paltry amount for which i was approved. it has been on the market almost a year. my offer:

  • make my offer almost full price
  • stipulate i need the backyard fenced
  • they pay closing costs and inspection
reasonable, right? THEY HAVE ANOTHER OFFER ON THE HOUSE!!!!! it was on the market for almost a year and suddenly it's a hot piece of property. the real estate agent asked if i wanted to change it. i decided to let it ride. the builder can get the fence done for next to nothing. if i don't get this house i will find another. i have a couple up my sleeve. an they all have fences!

i have been trying to start packing but i am at the point where i am making a bigger mess than i started with, but i'm doing it. i have stuff designated for a yard sale but if time starts crushing me, it will go to the goodwill. it would be a nice tax deduction. but it could possibly be a nice wad of cash. we'll see. 

i am going to a women's retreat friday and saturday with the church at a bed & breakfast a few towns over. i am riding with chicky. i am going on a scholarship, meaning i can't afford to go and the church will pay for me. just like when i went to camp as a child and teen. but i am looking forward to it. the food is supposed to be good. it is supposed to be 102 degrees while i am there.

my mother couldn't afford all day childcare and my great-grandmother couldn't deal with me and my sister. so we got sent to every vacation bible school that would pick us up, keep us away from the house for a few hours, give us a cup of kool-aid and some cookies and drop us back at home, all sugared up and ready to tangle with my ggma.

i was actually a good kid. i read or played with my dollhouse. i preferred to stay inside. sometimes i would get kicked out. i liked to sit in the shade on the side of the house, sitting on a red plastic milk crate. the only reason i got kicked out was because my stupid little half-sister, who was diagnosed as bi-polar later, was loosing her brain and just acting out. she danced on the kitchen table. she'd turn on the gas stove burners really high.once she pulled a knife on me and ggma. she was bad. but i always got lumped in with her. i got my ass beat a lot that year. because of her.

but back to vbs, i think we went to every religion. i got my windbreaker at the mormon church. my change pure was stolen at the methodist day camp. the song leader at the baptist church patted me on the ass in a way that made me want to puke.but by god, i went to vbs a lot. i won a boatload of little plaques with bible verses.

maybe i'll win a plaque this week-end. 

maybe they'll accept my offer.

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