Monday, July 26, 2010

have you melted yet?

on the good side, i'm getting my shoes back. i explained it to my sister. and i am working on being a cheerful giver.

i've gotten in touch with a few old friends on facebook. suddenly all the cool chicks from high school are "friending" me and these are the heifers who wouldn't look twice at me in high school, unless it was to give me a dirty look or make fun of what i wore. out of all these women, i'm the only one who's been married the longest, and to only one man!

i also have less wrinkles than ALL those tanned beauties from the class of 1982. snow white had the right idea.

i have the feeling one of my old friends has died or alienated her entire family. they used to be close and i friended her sister-in-law. there is no mention of my old friend or photo of her anywhere on her page. i don't want to bring it up because i don't need to stir the pot, so to speak.

i slept 19 hours today. must be the heat. i think i was kind of awake during a&e tv's "obsessed" because i was dreaming about cleaning. gotta see the rerun and compare my dream to it.

i vow tomorrow to clean the house up and not sleep all day.

we'll see. it's so hot.

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