Sunday, December 20, 2009

lazy sunday

today i slept until 1:00, played on the computer and now i am making the dreaded trip to wal-mart.

yep, wal-mart, the week before christmas.

my family is coming over for a christmas dinner and this is the only chance i'll have the truck to get the groceries i need. my car needs a new power steering pump, so we are a 1 vehicle family for the moment.

i don't look forward to fighting the crowds. i may even use self-checkout to save time. i hate self-checkout, because i don't get a check from wal-mart and i don' t need to do their work. i may just get a crip cart, do my shopping and wait in the longest line there while i read the magazines.

oh fudge, the handicapped parking placard is not in the truck. so i get to park in east mongolia and walk to the store.

okay, i'm getting my butt in gear now.

watch out, wal-mart!

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