Friday, December 18, 2009

6 degrees

remember the game "six degrees of kevin bacon"? i used to play it on line, before everything was cyber sex. i was good at it and i had a secret: i have a connection (or "degree") that gives me access to any movie star you could want to relate to. but who he is. that is my secret!

somehow our cocaine addled friend has managed to put us on the radar with the local police by coming to our house when he was too fucked up to drive home from his dealer's house. they followed him to our house, got his plate number, then i got a nice leisurely visit out at the mailbox by the narcotics squad asking me about our connection to the drug dealer- there is NONE!

so now i have a cell phone number to one of the narcotics agents. to use 24/7.

our "friend" is going to have to stay away, because he came by here early last night, when i was gone to dinner. then he went to the drug dealer's house. i don't like him making us a link in his horrible chain.

i have never had to tell a friend to stay away. i tried to be subtle tonight on the telephone but i don't think i got the point across.

is there a subtle, nice way to tell someone you care about to buzz off, when you really care about them but they are acting all doochy and causing you trouble?

did the kevin bacon refernce make you hungry? i am having bacon for breakfast! maybe a pound

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