Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Letting Go, Leaning In and Paying It Forward...

Why won't people let you live the life you choose? I have been cool with my sister, considering she deprived me of being with my mother for the last year of her life and kept me from her funeral.I have tried to be nice but keep myself at a distance. She keeps saying "I want a loving caring sister, not a relationship full of hatred and cruelty."

She is toxic.

She wants what she wants.

We can get along as long as we are superficial. I have no desire to go any deeper to have any type of relationship. with her. She doesn't own up to what she does. She never takes responsibility for anything.

She claims she was raped 5 times and molested at a very young age. She claims she was gang raped. She was scared to tell anybody when it happened. But she wasn't afraid to tell lies on me? Give me a break. I wish she would stop pushing me.

I will never take more of her than I can accept. She can't make me.

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