Saturday, April 26, 2014

I Do Nothing...I Mean Nothing

I went to the dentist Tuesday to make the last of the dental molds for dentures. I had hoped to go in yesterday and pick out my new rockstar smile, but instead it will be NEXT Friday! I thought I would be cheesing with them by then.So I will get teeth someday.

I cancelled 2 doctors appointments waiting on this none existent appointment that will HAPPEN NEXT WEEK!

I have done nothing. Well, I did manage to cripple myself by falling over a tower heater that I THOUGHT was where I wouldn't trip over it. Wrong. So my husband has gotten off his ass and done a shit ton of dishes, so I only have a few to do I plan on never using it again.

I crippled myself up enough to justify staying in bed most of the week. I have a BLACK bruise on what was formerly my good knee. I have to get up today and do laundry because I just realized my sheets stink.I guess I will go to church tonight. I will be sure to bring my cane.

I am going to the Y Monday, if for no other reason than to soak in the hot tub. I wonder how pissed they would be if I smuggled in a bottle of wine. I have my bathing suit, swim shoes and lock. What more do I need?

I am tired of driving Bobo around. He bitches about my driving.My insurance rate went up quite a bit and I had to go get new insurance because I got dropped. !15 years with these bitches and they drop me. Plus my radio tuner knob is broken off and they better fix it.

Life sux!

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