Sunday, September 15, 2013

Another Perfect Week-end...and GONORRHEA!

I have developed some lovely ulcers around my ostomy stoma. I went to the doctor, who gave me  shot, 2 anit-biotics, pain pills- YEAH!- and a referral to a wound care center.

The wound care senter is cool. No problem there.

The shot hurt like hell and I have had this drug before. It helps keep the skin from rotting. They give it for anything from bee stings to leprosy.

Pain pills- just what the doctor ordered,

I look up the antibiotics on the internet. One is good for flea bites, malaria, anthrax and...


So I look up the second drug. Flea bites, malaria anthrax...


My husband picked them up at the drug store and the bottles were labeled incorrectly. I am supposed to take them in a specific order- 1 pink pill with a full glass of water, 6 hours later a pink pill and blue pill with a full glass of water, 6 hours later a pink pill with a full glass of water, 6 hours later both pills with a full glass of water. You get the drill. I found this out from the Internet.

I can only guess the pharmacist would have told me this info if I had picked them up myself. But since Bobo got them, I guess the druggist was afraid he would spill the beans that it would seem I am suffering from gonorrhea.

I told my best friend about this and we laughed over it. Then last night at church, he sent me a text: IS YOUR GONORRHEA FEELING BETTER? Remind me to never read any text messages in church, even before the service starts, m'kay?

I had read about this huge church garage sale that was to be Saturday. I actually got up early. Drive to the church, hoping I can find a close parking place. What I find empty lot! I did hit a few sales and scored a garden hose reel, a big waterproof radio and a beautiful ceramic cross for my living room, all for $12! I was actually heading to home depot to but a hose reel for about $40, so I saved $28!

The cross kind of bugged me later. Did they go through the house and pick out stuff they could live without? Um, dusty silk flowers, tarnished brass plant holders, and oh, let's see, this representation of Jesus dying on the cross for my sins?

Oh well, I got a bargain for $2! Maybe God was sending me a message.

P.S. I promise I didn't hang it upside down! HAHA!

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