Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rough Weather Ahead...

Chickie did it this time. She was having an argument with Itchy at a restaurant the other night. I was speaking to Itchy and Chickie interrupted me by yelling at me, like so loud every head in our section of the restaurant turned to see who waking the ruckus. I briefly had the thought of going all Real Housewives on her ass and throwing a drink on her or flipping the table. But throwing drink at someone loses a bit of effectiveness unless it's a cocktail, not iced tea.

My son spoke up for me the first time in the 6 years he has known her. So she turned her wrath on him. She said "I'm sorry" to me. I had tears in my eyes for the rest of the night.

She called me yesterday and I was civil and polite to her. She started saying what's wrong? I told her I didn't want to discuss it. It does take me a while to get over things like that but it's not like I was being ugly to her.

She kept asking and I told her. She flew into a rage. She was yelling so loudly I couldn't hear her. I told her when she yells like that, she sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher and I can't understand her. That set her off again. Finally she hung up on me.

Then she called me back and yelled some more. This time she didn't want me to watch her kids. Yeah, she's a terrorist who uses her kids as a bargaining tool. Then she hung up on me again.

I sent her a text saying she owed me 2 apologies for hanging up on me and let me know if she wants me to watch her kids. I asked her not to call me again if she was going to hang up on me because that is harassment. I got no reply.

My son calls me this morning, asking me to watch the kids for him, not her. I told him she needed to apologize for hanging up on me and he said that won't be happening. I told him I would watch the kids but I really don't want any interaction with her, in any shape, form or fashion.

So I am watching the kids.

We had all been planning a beach vacation together and now I refuse to go. Not just because of her latest bad behavior, but the last time we went with her and her parents on a getaway, Root and Chickie got one bedroom and her parents got the other bedroom. We were relegated to the playroom with the pool table, forced to sleep on an air mattress- me, and a futon- my husband with the bad back. When I woke up, the air mattress was flat- slow leak, I guess. Neither of them offered to switch with us for the second night. Her mom and dad went and bought groceries we all chipped in on, but they shopped without consulting us and I couldn't eat most of the food.

I don't see any reason way this would benefit me, since no one considered our needs. Now that she has been so ugly to me, I really refuse to go. She can invite her brother and his girlfriend to take our places. It can be a family trip for them. I'm not going to spend money to get treated like a second class citizen. My money is worth just as much as their money and spends the same. There's no reason for us to go if we are going to get treated like crap.

I was willing to go and overlook what happened on the last vacation. But not now. I don't want to be in a social situation with her. No dinners, no school programs, no family functions.

I also think if someone hags up on you, they don't want to hear your voice. So I am going to limit my contact with her. I will watch her kids, period. No favors, no special trips to Target to get her anything. She has no idea what she has done.

She has unleashed the Seether.


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