Thursday, August 8, 2013

Making Progress

Guess what? My room has clean spots now! I know if you look at it as an entire room, it still looks trashed. But I can see that the pile of laundry is gone, the hangers are in my wardrobe and closet instead of scattered across the floor and the piles of books that were stacked beside my bed are now neatly in the bookcase. I am ignoring the pile of Very Important Papers piled next to the bed. I ordered a kick-ass filing system from Amazon- clear filing tote with black hanging files and pink folders- but I might desecrate it if I actually put papers in it.

I had the kids for a few days for the entire day. We ended up lounging on my bed and watching movies. The boy had his Nintendo DS and the girl is a whiz at Flow Free on my iPhone. We ate some fast food, but not too much. We spent 2 hours at McDonald's at one of prime pieces of real estate- one of the tables in the McPlay area with the touch screen games. I cooked a few meals and I am proud to say I ate a lot less than they did- I'm getting the hang of this! I've lost 6 lbs. since last week. I can't wait to get out the skinny jeans and lounge around the kitchen drinking my coffee!

I did have the pleasure of going over to Chickie's and going through the junk she was putting out for her yard sale. All I did was retrieve a few things I had loaned to my son way before he even met her. She was selling a Depression glass platter she got from her grandmother, but pride got the better of me. I didn't ask for it. I told her it was worth quite a bit of money. She said she didn't care. Oh well. She's gonna give some old lady an orgasm and possibly a heart attack when she sells it for $1!

I didn't qualify for the pain study but I may qualify for one coming up. My doctor did give me an anti-depressant and it is actually helping me to avoid remembering my knees are killing me. I do have a few pain pills left, but I am saving them. I am in the mindset of thinking I have them if I need them, but I am stronger than that. If I had none, I would feel there was no help available. It's a mindfuck, actually.

They are about to start building a house next door to us. I think my dog is going to hate this.

My tomatoes have far surpassed my expectations. I need to cage those bitches! They are waist high and have tons of blossoms on them. So I have to go get cages tomorrow. I lost a rainbow pepper plant and crookneck squash because my dog ate them. Oh well, can't win them all. Maybe next year I will plant those tiny hot Thai chilis, just to teach him a lesson or two about eating stuff from my garden.

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