Saturday, March 30, 2013


I am in the mood to write tonight, so I will go into more detail on some of the things I have mentioned here.

I completed my project which resulted in a check with the statue of liberty on it. yeah!

did I ever tell you about my car? it's a black sedan, wide with plushy black velour seats. it has windows tinted so dark, I had to get a special sticker that attests to the fact I can see through it. I had an acquaintance who is a police officer who says it looks like a crack dealer's grandma's car that he borrowed and tricked out. he said If he saw me in the ghetto, I would get pulled over for sure. the grandkids call it "the limo."

I have been watching id channel too much. I trust n o   o n e. no one. ever. people just be killing each other all the time. it's sad. I need to turn it off. I might go with the food network as my default channel.

does anyone follow a certain former mommy blogger? with 5 kids? and $750,000 in debt she tried to have discharged in bankruptcy court, only to have it denied because one of her biggest blog fans sent a fucking huge ransom-note-looking series of examples of how the mean girls were trying to cut off her income? me neither.

did anyone else watch "19 kids and counting: duggars do asia"? was that not a pitiful excuse for a return on about $250K. what a waste. I would have been in sushi heaven. seriously.

I have a box of pink "manila-like" envelopes. I plan on getting black hanging files and a clear box to put them in. i'm getting organized.

kate gosselin on "wife swap" with Kendra Wilson tripped me out. was that not one weird show? when she picked up a raisin in Kendra's closet, it didn't show her throwing it away. I bet she ate it. can you imagine eating trail mix from the floor of a former playboy bunny? but I think she ate it.

blogger is pissing me off. they keep adding uppercase letters to my entries. once again the man is trying to force me to conform. it's making me look like I didn't pay attention in English. now if it were accounting, that's another story.

my accounting teacher went into the hospital to dry out from drinking. back then, there was no rehab. you checked in the hospital and they gave you many meds to keep you detached from the shakes and the body aches. so she was gone. we got a sub who really taught Spanish but would check our practice sets. by the way, someone stole a set of the practice sets during the time we lost our teacher and got a sub. so everybody copied. everybody passed with an a.

which is why I don't know crap about accounting.

when I was a teen-ager, we hung out at a park with a road that went around a pond. you had two choices: get there early and park along the side, or just cruise the road and stop to talk with whoever you saw. people would walk along your car as you slowly drove through the car. they closed the road off after a stoned girl hit a bus.

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