Saturday, March 30, 2013

my birthday

yesterday was my birthday. I turned 48. I went to the county seat to file the homestead exemption- saved $1000 a year on property taxes! then I went to lunch with bobo at red lobster. I know, how cliché. but it was tasty and I had a $50 card leftover from Christmas. I originally bought it for a friend but then I ended up in the hospital and lalalala, I decided to use it on myself.

root and chickie were supposed to come over to eat cupcakes and ice cream last night, but I got stood up. she bought the kids over today and we ate the goodies then, but it wasn't the same. I am sick of having every holiday ruined by her. but she will be gone soon enough. i'm tired of getting screwed over by her.

speaking of screwing people over, my sister called. she wants to sue the doctor my mother was seeing, claiming criminal negligence homicide. I told her to go ahead and  do whatever she wanted to do. she wants me to go in on it with her. I told her okay, as long as it costs me nothing. she falls ass-backwards into money, I might as well join her.

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