Monday, March 4, 2013

out and about

i got out of the hospital friday, feb. 22. i have been just lying around the house. i can't seem to gather the energy to do much. i need to get my sleep pattern back to normal hours. in the hospital, you don't get more than 2 hours of sleep at a time. someone wants to take your temperaure or blood pressure, or take actual blood samples, something to disrupt your sleep to the point you can't get back to sleep. so my first day out of the hospital, i slept too long because no one woke me up. i have continued this shameful pattern ever since then. i got up at 3:00 p.m. yesterday!

the house was not totally trashed, but it wasn't cleaned to my standards. it was cleaned to the standards i had when my son was a toddler and housework was at the bottom of my list of important things to do. i am a much better housekeeper now, but i guess bobo didn't notice that for the last 5 years i have been a clean freak. i have managed to get the public spaces- living room, kitchen, dining room- to the point i am not worried about unexpected company, but my personal bedroom looks like a hoarder's room. i am ashamed of it. i just don't have the energy to pick it up. i am trying to avoid making any new messes, as well as pick up even just a tiny bit of the clutter. one day, it will be clean again. hopefully.

the odd thing is that bobo does an incredible job on the bathroom. the fixtures shine, the porcelain is nice and bright white. he just tends to pile crap on top of crap. i tend to put things where they belong. there is a long bar counter in the kitchen and it was covered from one end to the other with mail and magazines. i put all that crap in a big basket. what is so hard about that?

my phone has had a mental breakdown and i need to buy a replacement. i am going to break down and buy an iphone. i already have the otterbox for it. i just need to go get it.

well, i just wanted to let you know i got out of the hospital and i am still alive.

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