Tuesday, October 25, 2011

halloween confessions

i know, it's a time when you're supposed to be scared. i celebrated halloween in a very special way- i would take off work for 1/2 day and decorate my yard with a lot of vintage halloween decoration i had collected on my thrifting runs. then i would pass out big ole goodies bags- including a toy, i gave away pinochle cards and hand-made seek-a-word puzzles rolled around a tiny golf pencil and tied with orange and black ribbons. it also included a black AND an orange wrapped taffy. then some gum. maybe a sucker.

i would put them in 2 different colored treat bags. so when they would meet at the door, i had them make a choice on the spot- trick? in the bags, or treak in the white bags? i saw terror on their faces as i saw the indecision in their eyes. trick or treat? trick or treat? i had kids come back and try to change, but i had a policy of you live with the choice you made.

what were in the bags were exactly the same, the fun in the bag was wondering what you missed out on. but everybody always got the same thing.

so, trick or treat, it didn't matter.

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